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Archive for December, 2007

Video Tutorial: Start Using 8svn in 2 Minutes!

We have created a short video that shows how to create an 8svn account and begin uploading files securely. It desperately needs narration but you should be able to understand what’s going on. Expect version 2 soon. [flashvideo filename=2.flv /]

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Port 8443 and Subversion QoS: Real-World Example

On a good day my home modem provides 3Mbit down and 384Kbit up. Each graph represents 2 minutes of traffic between my router and modem. In both cases multiple users were connected to the web, running chat programs, streaming media, etc. Sample 1: Uploading large file to 8svn and attempting to download a large file […]

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Port 8443 = Simple QoS Management

Many users have commented that their internet connection becomes sluggish during large file transfers. High latency and low throughput is expected, especially when uploading through asymmetrical connections such as those provided by most DSL and cable modems. Lucky for us, there’s an easy solution! Quality of Service (QoS) capable routers are very common and can […]

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8svn now includes WebSVN

WebSVN is available at https://svn.8svn.com/USERNAME/websvn WebSVN offers a view onto your subversion repositories that’s been designed to reflect the Subversion methodology. You can view the log of any file or directory and see a list of all the files changed, added or deleted in any given revision. You can also view the differences between 2 […]

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Updated Finance Page

Account finance pages now show your balance as well as BytesTransferred and ByteHours. These figures are updated every few hours. BytesTransferred are the units we use to measure your account bandwidth usage. This figure represents the total number of bytes transferred by your account. ByteHours are the units we use to measure your account storage. […]

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Now Open!

8svn is now open to the public!

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