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Port 8443 and Subversion QoS: Real-World Example

On a good day my home modem provides 3Mbit down and 384Kbit up. Each graph represents 2 minutes of traffic between my router and modem. In both cases multiple users were connected to the web, running chat programs, streaming media, etc.

Sample 1: Uploading large file to 8svn and attempting to download a large file from a fast website. Upload bandwidth is maxed out and the download speeds are slow. Latency is very high and makes typing in ssh sessions nearly impossible. Ouch.

Standard 8svn Subversion Upload

Sample 2: QoS is enabled in the router and a large file is being uploaded to 8svn on port 8443. Upload bandwidth is maxed out and full-speed downloads are possible. Web browsing is snappy and ssh sessions are responsive. Excellent!

Port 8443 8svn Subversion Upload with QoS

Original Post: Port 8443 = Simple QoS Management

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